So Easter is almost here..duh…and as I’m Polish ( who lives in UK – surprise!! :D) me and my family are going to make ‘PISANKI’. Difficult word to pronounce but basically they are just coloured eggs :D.

The custom of decorating the eggs was a symbol of life and rebirth -already known in ancient times. The oldest discovered examples are over 5,000 years old: eggs with various decorations were found in ancient Mesopotamia. The custom was popular in many parts of the world, for example ancient Egypt, Persia, Rome and China (where the colourful eggs were gifted with the arrival of spring). It prevailed in all the Slavic cultures up until today.

Very colourful, right? Just as colourful as are our inks!

But I don’t think we would be able to paint so beautifully, so will try do something like this:

Happy Easter everyone!!!!

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