Cycling season has officially started!

Yes, it’s official – the cycling season has now started, I think we can agree on that. The weather has finally decided it’s spring again. Cyclists who had longed for this moment have finally been able to take their bikes from their vaults and once again feel the power of this magnificent vehicle. Ok, maybe it hasn’t been that dramatic but it’s definitely on.

So, you’ve got your bike out, you might have even WD-40’ed it a bit. But are you really prepared for the season? I mean, REALLY prepared? Still don’t know what I am talking about? Well, have you got all the necessary accessories to secure your mobile phone during your two-wheeled escapades?

First off –  the must-have: waterproof mobile phone holder such as this one:

They’re available in different sizes so they’re suitable for all types of mobile phones – from less than 4″ up to 5.7″ screen size. You can buy one HERE.

Secondly, protective phone cases, especially the ‘Defender’ line:

They’re simply great. Sturdy, shockproof and most importantly – super stylish! Also, available in different colours. You can purchase them HERE or HERE.

Thirdly, screen protectors also known as tempered glass:

Another essential. Very thin (0.3mm), which means your screen stays as responsive as ever, yet ultra hard as its main job is to absorb as much impact as possible and, well, protect your screen. Even if it means the glass would get shattered into pieces the screen remains intact. In other words – it’ll take a bullet for you (and by ‘you’ I mean ‘your phone’). Grab it HERE.

So, you’re pretty much set. BUT, there are some other accessories that might be very handy while having a rest from your cycling outdoors. How about playing some favourite tunes from your phone but using a high quality speaker?

This Movano MBox wireless Bluetooth speaker does just the job. Great quality of the sound, slick design and up to 6 hours on a single charge – what more do you need?

Well, maybe one more thing. Of course, the one and only, a selfie stick:

These FOREVER selfie sticks are exactly what you need: telescopic arm with length up to 100cm, nice and comfortable grip with the built-in shutter button, adjustable phone mount. They come in two versions: bluetooth and wired (with a mirror allowing to take pictures with the main camera).

So, this small yet comprehensive guide should get you well equipped when you embark upon another bicycle journey. But remember, inkZONE are not only famous for their ink cartridges and toners, we’ve got a wide range of phone accessories as well! Happy cycling!

PS: If you like our funny, old-time cyclists photos you can find more of them here:

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