Could a toner cartridge be causing a paper jam in your printer?

Unfortunately, paper jams are a common problem when using a printer. These could be caused by a few factors like incorrectly installed toner cartridge, quality of the paper, worn out rollers or even an object inside your printer.

If the paper stops right where the toner cartridge is, it’s probably because the drum cover gets caught in the printer or askew. Usually, reinstalling the cartridge fixes this issue. You can also check if this is the case by putting an old cartridge in (or a new one if you have it) to see if that fixes the problem.
The second factor is the quality of paper which often leads to loading more than one sheet of paper. If the printer can not separate the sheets fast enough several problems can occur. The printer may think that the paper going through is longer than it really is (since the sheets stuck together form 1 longer piece of paper). The paper could also be much thicker than the printer expects and the heating element won’t properly seal the paper in or the stack of papers won’t fit through the exit.

Worn out rollers is another very common cause of paper jams. These are the parts that deteriorate with time, so when the printer keeps having problem loading paper and displays a message about paper jam you have to check the state of the rollers.

Lastly, you may need to check if there are no loose objects inside the printer, especially if you print out any postal labels. All you need to do is carefully remove the object and try printing again.

As today is Monday and autumn starts in a few days with its not so wonderful weather we wish you no papers jams today or ever 

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